Student Equity Data

A core mission of the NCSEHE is to use official data sources to present student data in formats to support discussion and analysis of equity issues in Australia.

The Centre’s activities in this area include the listing of key data sources, identifying important research areas, and reporting on recent trends in student equity. This work includes the presentation of student equity data through the NCSEHE’s student equity data website.

Higher education student equity data website

The NCSEHE has initiated a project to visualise student participation and completion data for Australia’s higher education system. This will include an analysis of student data across:

  • all states and territories
  • higher education providers
  • student equity categories

The equity data site will allow practitioners, institutions, students, and policymakers to examine trends in higher education enrolment in Australia in recent years, and in relation to equity group enrolment. This will provide an important platform for examining trends in equity in higher education with a view to sparking and sustaining debate in new and creative ways.

We welcome expressions of interest from institutions and individuals who would like to collaborate on this project or provide suggestions and input.

For a summary of recent trends in student equity in Australian higher education, please see the NCSEHE’s recent briefing note on the system’s performance between 2011 and 2016.