Low SES students

The low SES measure is based on the weighted sum of two separate indicators:

  • an ‘area measure’ of socio-economic status and institutional information on student income support under national programs (two-thirds weighting), and
  • an ‘institutional’ count of the number of students at the institution receiving selected government income support such as Austudy payments (one-third weighting).

Resources and contacts that may assist attract, support and retain low SES students include:

Effective teaching & support of students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds – Advice for teaching staff, students, and leaders, in addition to resources for professional development purposes to contribute to enhancing the learning and experiences of low SES students  in Australian higher education. A joint project between Deakin University, Queensland University of Technology, and Charles Sturt University.

Learn, Experience, Access Professions (LEAP) – Based in Victoria, LEAP seeks to encourage secondary students from low SES communities to consider higher education as a future option through a focus on the professions.

The Wealth Academy – The Wealth Academy aims to build in young people an understanding of financial literacy and financial capability.


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