Trials and Evaluation

At ACSES, we have a clear vision: to make real-world, scalable changes in how student equity practices work in higher education. As such, we want to become the trusted authority in designing, implementing, and evaluating student equity programs.

We are tackling some critical challenges in higher education. Student equity programs often lack systematic evaluation, possess limited evaluation capacity, and need benchmarks and standards for success. It’s time to change that, and we are committed to enhancing evidence-based solutions and assessing how things work from a strengths-focused perspective.

We will not be doing this work alone.

In partnership with universities and student equity professionals, ACSES aims to enhance the quality and impact of student equity practices in higher education. Our approach is three-fold:

  • Trials: Through our Equity Frontiers initiative, we are turning research findings into actionable solutions by rigorously testing and scaling solutions to bring about meaningful change.
  • Evaluation: Our Equity Hub and What Works in Equity initiatives are boosting the monitoring and evaluation skills of student equity professionals and senior leaders, helping universities establish robust evaluation systems.
  • Community: We are fostering communities dedicated to sharing knowledge, promoting evidence-based practices, and collaborating in student equity through forums, webinars, newsletters, and a community of evaluation practices.

Want to know more? Download the flyer below and become a part of this exciting transformation in higher education.

Trials and Evaluation Flyer (2Mb)