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Learning through COVID-19: Social justice and the digital divide

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Zoom webinar
15 July 2020

This workshop will begin with the question: “How can you design for learning through a social justice lens?”

Camille Dickson and Keith Heggart will share examples related to the challenges of working with diverse groups in online and blended learning environments, identify and describe some of the often overlooked or poorly understood challenges educators face in these contexts, before broadening them to engage in a critique of ‘universal’ frameworks. Finally, Camille and Keith will finish with some comments about possible design principles, and present ideas for discussion on how to narrow, rather than widen the digital divide for diverse learners.’


  • Dr Camille Dickson Deane, Senior Lecturer, Science
  • Dr Keith Heggart, Lecturer, FASS

For more information on this workshop and how to register please visit the website.

Posted 23 July 2020