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Higher Education Summit – From crisis to reinvention

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Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney, Australia.
30 August 2022

The Australian higher education landscape is shifting, models are diversifying, and the competitive advantage on the international stage has taken a hit. There is a clear need to address stubborn challenges in funding, educational delivery and research quality – and an opportunity for a new government to make its mark with significant structural reform.

The sector continues to evolve to meet changing needs and deliver the skills Australia’s future workforce needs to thrive. As powerhouses of knowledge generation, universities can also help solve complex problems that improve society at large by leveraging innovative research initiatives to keep Australia at the forefront of change. To remain future fit, universities must stay agile and embrace digital technologies; not just to support researchers, professors and students but also to enable cross-industry collaboration to create different learning pathways.

Join us at the Australian Financial Review (AFR) Higher Education Summit 2022 and hear from some of the sector’s most influential leaders as they explore how higher education providers can focus on adaptation and resilience to carve out a stronger post-pandemic future. In this year’s Summit, tertiary institutions will be challenged to reimagine skills pathways to meet the expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s learners.

For more information on this summit and how to register, visit the website.

Posted 11 August 2022