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ADCET Webinar: Realising Disability Inclusion

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Online Webinar (AEST)
24 August 2022

ADCET is proud to partner with the Australian Tertiary Education Network on Disability (ATEND) for this webinar.

Professor Carol Evans (Honorary Visiting Professor at Cardiff University and Visiting Professorial Fellow at the University of Southampton) will explore the current context of disability inclusion defined as the ‘extent to which higher education institutions (HEIs) support equal access to university and equal opportunities to do well for staff and students with disabilities compared to their non-disabled peers’.

While disability inclusion (DI) is a key priority for higher education institutions around the world, the basics of provision for many students and staff with disabilities (SSwD) in higher education are not being met. For many SSwD, including those who are successful, the additional physical and emotional labour involved in navigating the higher education landscape, places additional limits on potential.

Utilising research from peer-reviewed academic articles, expert reports, and institutional data, and drawing on researcher experiences from over 50 countries, Carol will discuss twelve key dimensions of effective DI practice that she identified with colleagues (staff and students). The interrelated nature of these dimensions led to the development of the Disability Inclusion Institutional Framework (DIIF). In this webinar,  Carol will outline the key elements of the DIIF, and promising areas of development identified from research and practitioner accounts, and will also introduce a toolkit designed to support institutional approaches to DI.

The webinar is aimed at all those concerned about enhancing disability inclusion (DI) in higher education (HE) to include leaders of DI provision at all levels within higher education and associate fields, professional services and specialist disability support teams, academics, student representative bodies, and all relevant stakeholders working with higher education institutions/colleges.

For more information on this webinar and how to register, visit the website.

Posted 2 August 2022