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Supporting LGBTQIA+ students and staff in higher education

Type of Publication: Feature article

Lead Organisation: Edith Cowan University

Year Published: 2022

Lead Researcher: Victoria Drury

Written by Victoria Drury1, Jimzeena LeCerf1, Professor Braden Hill2, Stevie Lane2 and Dr Fiona Navin2

Individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual and more (LGBTQIA+) can face exclusion and discrimination throughout higher education and into the workplace, often impacting their academic success and personal wellbeing.

Progress is being made across Australian universities to advance support and inclusion for students of diverse gender identities, and there is much to be learnt from established institution-led initiatives demonstrating outstanding practices in this area.

In this feature, we are very pleased to showcase two inspiring best practice case studies from leading institutions, Southern Cross University and Edith Cowan University. Thank you to our contributors for sharing their passion and experience to help other universities shape a better future for LGBTQIA+ students.

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1Southern Cross University

2Edith Cowan University

Posted 30 March 2022