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Pathways or Goat Tracks – Non-ATAR University Entrance

Type of Publication: Research report

Lead Organisation: RMIT University

Year Published: 2022

Lead Researcher: Megan O’Connell

1Megan O’Connell 1Megan O’Connell, 1Aarushi Singhania, 1Maci Hamdorf and 1Ciannon Cazaly

This project contributes to filling the gap in the knowledge about how young people find out about pathways into further education and future careers, including alternative non-ATAR pathways into university and pathways to vocational education. It brings to the fore the key role played by significant others, including parents and carers, and contends that young people and their significant others need exposure to a range of success stories in order to see the multitude of pathways possible as equal.

The report is situated in a changing landscape for young people. Young people are making multiple transitions between education and work, and mismatches between skill levels and chosen occupations are prevalent.

Read the full report: Pathways or Goat Tracks – Non-ATAR University Entrance

1RMIT University

Posted 14 April 2022