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Equity off course: Mapping equity access across courses and institutions

Type of Publication: Research report

Lead Organisation: La Trobe University

Year Published: 2022

Lead Researcher: Beni Cakitaki

Written by Beni Cakitaki1, Michael Luckman2, Professor Andrew Harvey1

This report examines student equity stratification by field of education and institution. Unequal representation within selective institutions and disciplines carries consequences for individuals, universities, professions, and the broader society. For individuals, access to selective institutions and disciplines is typically correlated with higher incomes, and perceptions of a better fit between qualifications and employment. For universities, raising student diversity within selective courses is important for both equity and learning quality. At the broader professional and societal levels, research suggests diverse graduate cohorts are critical for maximising economic efficiency and social cohesion (Wakeling, 2010).

Read the full report: Equity off course: Mapping equity access across courses and institutions

1Griffith University, formerly La Trobe University

2La Trobe University

Posted 12 April 2022