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U@Uni HSC Tutorial Scheme

The U@Uni University of Technology Sydney’s HSC Tutorial Scheme provides school-based tutorial sessions delivered by UTS students at UTS’s targeted schools in southwest Sydney


The University of Technology Sydney’s (UTS) U@Uni HSC Tutorial Scheme provides school-based tutorial sessions delivered by UTS students at targeted schools in southwest Sydney. This tutorial support assists Year 11 and 12 students to improve their academic performance and broaden their educational aspirations.

The program is part of the UTS Widening Participation Strategy (WPS) which aims to deliver long-term sustainable outcomes for improved access, participation, retention and success for students from targeted equity groups, particularly students from LSES and Indigenous backgrounds.

The U@Uni HSC Tutorial Scheme aims to:

  • provide academic and mentoring support for participating high-school students, and an insight into university and student life
  • develop the leadership and communication skills of UTS students employed in the project to enhance their employability.

HEPPP Funding
The program is funded in 2013 and 2014 through the Bridges to Higher Education initiative as part of the HEPPP Partnerships competitive grant process. The funding is used to support the recruitment, screening, training and development, and salaries of the tutors as well as the provision of resources for high school students and tutors involved in the program.

The reach and impact of the U@Uni HSC Tutorial Scheme is being measured using qualitative and quantitative tools including:

  • student pre- and post-program surveys and attendance tracking
  • semi-structured interviews with teachers
  • mid-year and end-of-year surveys for tutors
  • feedback obtained via tutor team meetings and reports.

The program is also included in the Bridges to Higher Education Evaluation Program.

“The introduction of the scheme has worked exceptionally well here with many students reporting a marked improvement from last year’s grades. We’ve also received overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents who are grateful that this service is run at no cost to the family as many wouldn’t be able to afford private tutoring.” – senior learning and support teacher, secondary school.

“I feel more confident now going into the HSC as my marks have already improved since the beginning of the year.” – Year 12 student.

“I like to talk to the tutors about what uni is really like and it’s great to know that they were like us not so long ago.” – Year 12 student.

The Future
In 2014, the U@Uni HSC Tutorial Scheme will increase participating high school student engagement with the university by introducing campus visits and academic and study skills workshops which will be co-facilitated by our tutors. The training, development and support of tutors will expand to include an online resource portal, guest workshop presenters and more opportunity for peer mentoring amongst the team led by experienced tutors.

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Posted 2 May 2014 Posted in General, Indigenous, Low SES