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The Effect of the 2014-15 Budget's Higher Education Proposals on Students

Type of Publication: Professional commentary

Lead Organisation: NCSEHE

Year Published: 2014

Lead Researcher: Paul Koshy

The 2014-15 Federal Budget announced a number of significant proposed changes to higher education funding in Australia, including fee deregulation and a change to how interest is calculated on student loans (HECS-HELP). If passed, these proposals will mean more graduates will struggle to pay off their loan in full after graduating. This report outlines the effects of the proposed changes and provides recommendations on its effects can be ameliorated, especially for low-income graduates.

The Effect of the 2014-15 Federal Budgets Higher Education Proposals on Students (188Kb)

Koshy, P., Pitman, T., and Phillimore, J. (2014). The Effect of the 2014-15 Budget’s Higher Education Proposals on Students. National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE), Perth: Curtin University.

Posted 18 June 2014