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Building the evidence to improve completion rates for Indigenous students

Type of Publication: Research report

Lead Organisation: University of Queensland

Year Published: 2022

Lead Researcher: Bronwyn Fredericks

Written by Bronwyn Fredericks1, Katelyn Barney1, Tracey Bunda 1, Kirsten Hausia2, Anne Martin3, Jacinta Elston4, Brenna Bernardino1, Daniel Griffiths1

This research project has focused on success factors for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university completion rates. While the number of Indigenous students participating in higher education continues to grow, Indigenous student completion rates remain very low relative to non-Indigenous students. The national data indicates that, while Indigenous students typically can take longer to graduate, the nine-year completion rates for Indigenous students remain around 47 per cent — significantly below the 74 per cent for non-Indigenous students (Universities Australia, 2020, p. 24). Some universities have higher Indigenous student completion rates than the national average. However, research-based evidence of these universities as “success models” is limited.

Read the full report: Building the evidence to improve completion rates for Indigenous students


Posted 28 February 2022