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Report finds more students completing Y12

A report released by the COAG Reform Council yesterday shows an average of 2.48% more Australian students are completing Year 12 than in 2007.

Under the $708 Million Youth Attainment and Transitions National Partnership, governments across the country are working toward a target of 90% of young adults having a Year 12 or equivalent qualification by 2015.

South Australia and the Northern Territory exceeded their targets, with completion rates up by 4.29% and 5.24% respectively. Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, and the ACT made more modest progress, while Queensland was the only state to achieve less than half of its target improvement.

The council’s Michael Frost says, “The Commonwealth will now take this report and make an assessment of whether or not the states and territories have qualified for reward payments under the agreement.”

Posted 24 September 2013 Posted in General