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Project bulletin: National Career Development Learning Hub for Students with Disability

The National Career Development Learning Hub for Students with Disability project is funded by the National Careers Institute (NCI) and led by the NCSEHE. The purpose of the project is to establish the first dedicated national Career Development Learning (CDL) Hub for students with disability which will showcase best practices in the field. The CDL Hub will assist others in developing bespoke and contextualised approaches to support the CDL of students with disability.

In this latest bulletin, the team offer an overview of the project and a summary of progress and outputs to date.

Project Overview

The project involves four phases:

  • Phase 1: a review of the key literature, audit of current provision, and analysis of existing data sets.
  • Phase 2: qualitative interviews and surveys with parents/carers, stakeholders and students.
  • Phase 3: design, implementation and evaluation of pilot programs informed by the work in phases 1 and 2.
  • Phase 4: development of a national CDL Hub for students with disability.

Activity To Date

The first two phases of the project have been completed. In addition to the desktop work of reviewing literature and auditing current practice, the research team have interviewed 50 students with disability, their parents/carers and stakeholders, and collected 168 survey responses from the same groups.

We would like to thank everyone that participated in this phase of the research.

Current Activity

  • Data analysis: The team is currently analysing the data from the interviews and surveys conducted within this project, which sits alongside data collected in previous projects by members of the research team.
  • Best practice principles for CDL for students with disability: These principles are currently in the process of being co-constructed by researchers, practitioners, and students with disability. The principles are grounded in the work completed in stages one and two of the project and will, when finalised, provide stakeholders with a set of principles to draw on to guide their work.
  • Piloting best practice: Planning for phase 3 is underway with four universities scoping their pilot programs for implementation in 2022. These projects are all informed by the draft best practice principles and address specific areas of concern or gaps in service provision at each site. The programs will be designed, implemented, and evaluated and written up as case studies of good practice.

Outputs/ News

  1. Read our article in the CDAA Blog: Best Practice Career Education for Students with Disability – Creating a National Resource Hub.
  2. Members of the research team presented at the OECD Career Readiness Conference on 28th October 2021 about Best practice CDL for students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds.


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