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New research: Institutional approaches and student perspectives on COVID-19 equity student support initiatives

During 2020/21, the NCSEHE will fund a project led by Lucy Mercer-Mapstone at The University of Sydney, under the NCSEHE Research Grants Program.

The research aims to better understand equity students’ perspectives on university support during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as strategies undertaken by higher education institutions.

Disasters disproportionately impact marginalised groups. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption in higher education. Universities have rapidly responded, drastically altering students’ experiences. This grant seeks to understand how 10 Australian universities have endeavoured to support equity students to retain access to learning through COVID-19. The team will analyse strategies undertaken by institutions and equity students’ perspectives on those strategies. They will compare data across three types of universities (research intensive, innovative, and regional/remote) to identify in what ways institutions with significantly different cohorts can learn from each other to better support equity students in times of (future) crisis.

Read more about this research project from The University of Sydney.

The final report will be published by the NCSEHE in 2021.

Posted 18 September 2020 Posted in General