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My Story — Student Voice Video Blog: Monica Dinh

Second-year medical science student Monica Dinh didn’t expect to be sharing her university classes with her mum, the vacuum cleaner, and two younger sisters. So far, most of Monica’s work has consisted of conducting experiments and using those results to answer questions. Due to COVID-19, Monica now has to adapt to the challenges of a virtual classroom, shared with her family.

Monica will share her experiences as a university student and U@Uni Ambassador to ensure others know they are not alone and that we can continue working together to overcome this stressful time.

Monica is one of eight individuals invited by the NCSEHE to share their challenges and celebrate their triumphs during, and beyond, the COVID-19 pandemic through a series of Student Voice video blogs.


If you would like to ask Monica any questions, or suggest further topics you would like to hear about, we encourage you to get in touch at

Posted 11 May 2020 Posted in General, Low SES, My Story — Student Voice