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Marngo Designing Futures

Marngo Designing Futures is a responsive tertiary aspiration program that connects young Indigenous people with university and the world of design.

The program is a Swinburne University Centre for Design Innovation initiative and co-created by leading Indigenous and Non-Indigenous designers and academics with relevant expertise. The aims of the program are to stimulate interest and raise awareness of vocational and higher education, as well as career pathways, in Design that promote and enable Aboriginal design and innovation.

During the program, participating students have the opportunity to attain and share Aboriginal design knowledge, collaborate intergenerationally and form peer-to-peer networks in an intensive and responsive workshop format, on Country.

In August 2015, 15 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from schools across Victoria participated in Marngo Designing Futures at Mungo National Park. Working at the intersection of art, design and film, the video below captures the journey the group went on together.

Positive feedback from schools endorses the effectiveness of the Marngo program in harnessing the power of creativity to develop students’ teamwork, problem-solving, communication and lateral thinking skills.

The program is funded by the Australian Government’s Higher Education Participation Programme (HEPP).

Posted 7 December 2015 Posted in General, Indigenous, Regional, rural and remote