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Wonkhe webinar: The Secret Life of Students 2020

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Online Webinar
17 September 2020 - 18 September 2020

Wonkhe’s rescheduled Secret Life of Students is all about doing student experience differently. Wonkhe will bring together the research and intel, review everything we learned about students over the past year, and ask what COVID-19 might mean for students, their experience and their outcomes.

It’s about getting beyond the stale debates and case studies and rethinking the student experience — bringing together experts, sector leaders and managers, as well as student leaders and students’ union managers, to forge a new agenda for students.

What does the government’s agenda and associated regulatory regime mean for students? What might major changes to funding, the TEF and the National Student Survey mean for universities and their SUs? If Generation Z treasures “fairness”, how can we respond to strengthen students’ rights? How is teaching and learning changing to adapt to 2020’s socially distanced students? And what does student influence and partnership mean in a world of big data and rapid online pivots?

They will also ask how we might get beyond reductive debates on free speech and build a culture of democratic engagement on campus. You will find out what happens when we listen to students on their own terms. And they will explore what safety means to students, and what “safeguarding” really means in the age of coronavirus.

It’s an essential event for anyone working on policy and delivery for students.

For more information on this webinar and how to register visit the website.

Posted 28 August 2020