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Wonkhe @ Home: Student experience 4.0

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Online Webinar (GMT)
24 November 2020

Preparing for the next normal

Covid-19 has sharpened the focus on universities’ engagement with digital technology. The great online pivot early in the pandemic sparked innovation and showed universities what is possible – but it has also exposed some of the gaps in universities’ digital capabilities.

The student experience of the future will not be wholly conducted online, but it will be digitally enabled at every stage. The campus of the future will not exist solely in the cloud, but it will be smart. And the future university won’t be staffed by bots, but students’ interactions with academics and professional staff will be underpinned by emerging digital technologies.

At this Wonkhe @ Home event, in partnership with, they will assess the parameters of the next normal for universities, how digital technology will shape and enhance student experience in the future, and what universities can do now to get ahead of the curve.

For more information on this webinar and how to register, visit the WONKHE website.


Posted 27 November 2020