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Wonkhe presents: The Secret Life of Students 2022

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London, England
15 February 2022

Now in its third year, the Secret Life of Students is an essential event for anyone working on policy and delivery for students in higher education.

This event is about how to rethink the student experience. It will bring together experts, sector leaders and professionals, as well as student leaders and students’ union managers, to tackle difficult challenges and work together to transform higher education to better meet the needs of the next generation of students.

This year Wonkhe are doing diversity differently. They are rethinking the outdated model of designing learning environments based on an imagined “normal” student and then applying sticking plaster interventions based on diverse student characteristics.

A new approach is needed to stay in step with how students think about diversity, experience higher education in diverse ways, and what a genuinely diverse student body might need from professionals, and each other to feel that they belong in higher education.

More information and registrations via Wonkhe.

Posted 28 January 2022