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USQ webinar – An online engagement framework to support ‘Pivoting to online teaching during crisis’

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Online Webinar
11 August 2020

The shift to online learning has been galvanised globally and unexpectedly by COVID-19. While assumed to be a straightforward process, the reality is that this shift challenges academics new to online teaching in terms of the limited time, training, resourcing and the steep learning curve associated with this the unique pedagogy of online learning and teaching. These understandings are reinforced by Redmond, Heffernan, Abawi, Brown, & Henderson, 2018) who note that while there has been an increased emphasis on online engagement, there was a lack of clarity regarding ‘what counts’ as online engagement, or the implications these types of engagement have on teaching strategies. Drawing on the Online Engagement Framework for Higher Education (Redmond et al., 2018), this presentation shares an easy-to-use and accessible framework to support decision-making and strategies for online learning and teaching relevant and simply applicable across disciplines and contexts to support with novice online educators ‘pivoting to online teaching during crisis’.

Redmond, P., Heffernan, A., Abawi, L., Brown, A. & Henderson, R. (2018). An online engagement framework for higher education. Online Learning Journal, 22(1), 183-204. doi:10.24059/olj.v22i1.1175

Morning webinar: 11 August 2020, 8.00–9.00 am

Evening webinar: 11 August 2020, 8.00–9.00 pm

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Posted 7 August 2020