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ADCET Webinar: Equity, Access, Inclusion and Success – Supporting Deaf and hard of hearing staff and students

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Online Webinar (AEST)
27 September 2022

In this ADCET webinar, Griffith University will share its best practice for supporting deaf and hard of hearing staff and students. The Deaf Student Support Program at Griffith University has been in existence for over 37 years and has been a leader in Higher Education Supports for Deaf and hard of hearing students within the southern hemisphere. Removing barriers for deaf and/or hard of hearing students is not always straight forward.

Cathy Easte and Dr Riona Tindal will highlight considerations for support and what is considered best practice going beyond the classrooms looking at access and belonging. Cathy and Riona have lived experiences as Deaf persons and they will share from this experience.

This event is being held in recognition of National Week of Deaf people which runs from 19-25 September with the theme: Building Inclusive Communities for All.

For more information on this webinar and how to register, visit the website.

Posted 13 September 2022