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Shaping the 21st Century Student Experience at Regional Universities

Event Details
Aerial Function Centre, University of Technology, Sydney, 15 Broadway, Ultimo, NSW
8 September 2016 3:55 pm

On behalf of the project team, Professor Karen Nelson, Ms Kylie Readman and Dr Ian Stoodley (University of the Sunshine Coast) invite you to participate in the culminating event for their Australian Government Office for Learning & Teaching-funded project.

About the research
The contribution of regionally located universities to their communities and to Australia’s future prosperity is well recognised. However, national data indicates that students enrolled at regional universities have less positive outcomes than those of their peers enrolled in capital city universities. Measures such as lower participation, less favourable progression and completion rates, higher levels of attrition and poorer graduate destination outcomes are often juxtaposed with positive scores in other measures such as sector-wide surveys of student satisfaction.

About the event
At this symposium, the project team will discuss their OLT project, which sought to understand the 21st Century student experience of the diverse undergraduate student populations of regional universities, to identify how equitable outcomes for these students can be achieved. New information and key practices will be discovered and a rich suite of resources will be made available to the sector for immediate take-up and use. As a result, regional universities will be able to strengthen their contributions to their regions and the nation by ensuring more students have a successful university experience.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in robust and stimulating discussions focused on:

  • key data about the university student experience
  • adaptable good practice vignettes, and
  • strategic imperatives and recommendations for the sector and national government.

The project team will share:

  • new information about the experiences and success of students at regional universities in Australia
  • understanding of the innovative practices used in eight regional universities to positively shape the student experience, and
  • ideas as to how these practices could be applied in different settings.

For more information, including the symposium program and how to register, please visit the event webpage.

Posted 26 July 2016