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Refugees in Higher Education

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University of New South Wales Bookshop
2 April 2019 6:30 pm

What rights, responsibilities, policies and practices does the higher education sector adopt when engaging with students from refugee backgrounds? How do universities navigate a framework where more power is being conceded to anti-immigration, alt-right conservative governments?

Exploring multiple contexts of forced migration to countries of settlement, the book Refugees in Higher Education: Debate, Discourse and Practice identifies how universities frame and position their efforts to open access to, and enable the participation of refugee students.

The event will be held at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Bookshop with of the book’s authors Dr Sally Baker,  joined by Peter Shergold, Chancellor of Western Sydney University in a discussion on these issues in depth.

Dr Sally Baker

Sally Baker is a Lecturer of Social Research and Policy in the School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, at UNSW, Sydney. She is the education focal point in the Forced Migration Research Network (FMRN@UNSW).

Sally’s research explores issues of equity in higher education, with her research interests including higher education equity and language policy, the educational experiences of students from refugee and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, academic literacies, transitions, and methodological issues and longitudinal qualitative research. Sally is also the Co-Chair of the Refugee Education Special Interest Group, which is supported by the Refugee Council of Australia and the Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network.

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Posted 13 March 2019