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Newcastle Youth Studies Network webinar — Gendered experiences of the work/education nexus in the COVID era

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Online Webinar
29 July 2021

This seminar will present research on how the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated gender inequality in work and education.

Recent research is showing that the divergence between Australian women’s performance in education and paid employment is widening at present, most likely due in large part to the impact of the pandemic. This finding, as well as myriad reports of the broader gendered impact of the pandemic and resulting public health measures, has highlighted the significance of this topic for youth sociology. This seminar will address the employment/education nexus for Australian women, focusing particularly on the COVID context.


Dr Jenny Chesters
(MGSE, University of Melbourne)

Understanding the persistence of economic inequality: How gender attitudes shape young women’s occupational aspirations in Germany

Penny Jane Burke, Julia Coffey and Stephanie Hardacre
(University of Newcastle)

Rethinking gender equity in higher education: Exploring the impact of gender-based violence on university participation

Sarah McDonald
(University of South Australia)

‘Successful Girls’ and Covid-19: First-in-Family girls rearticulating neoliberal notions of success in higher education

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Posted 27 July 2021