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HERDSA webinar — Sustainability in learning and teaching: Making it happen.

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Online Webinar
10 December 2020

Sustainability in Learning and Teaching: Making it Happen offers three essential perspectives on why a focus on sustainability must be central for higher education institutions, and how this focus on sustainability can be embedded into learning and teaching. To be shared in the webinar will be guiding resources, practical strategies and concrete examples. The webinar will bring together insights borne of major projects and of extensive practice of effecting change at both institutional and disciplinary levels. With the need for work towards a more sustainable planet growing ever more urgent, the webinar will offer a powerful, practical opportunity to reflect upon our roles and potential as educators to support a more sustainable future.


Dr Tahl Kestin (Monash University), Professor Kathryn Williams (The University of Melbourne) and Associate Professor Harsh Suri (Deakin University)

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Posted 9 December 2020