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CRADLE Seminar Series — Re-imagining exams: How do assessment adjustments impact on inclusion?

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Melbourne via webinar
15 March 2022 2:00 pm 3:30 pm

Join Dr Joanna Tai as she presents the findings from her NCSEHE funded research project which sought to better understand students with disabilities’ (SWD) experiences of exams and other high-stakes time-limited assessments.

Research found that exams and other high-stakes time-limited assessments can act as barriers to success for SWD. However, a system which focuses only on making reactive accommodations is likely to become overwhelmed as more diverse students increasingly participate in higher education. Rather than continuing to view disability as a problem to address at an individual level, a shift to focus on inclusive assessment design may also hold promise for a broader range of diverse students.

Project findings overall suggest that, while most students had experiences that were not inclusive in relation to their high-stakes timed assessment, there was no single “easy” solution to re-imagining exams, with a combination of approaches required. Changes made possible due to Covid-19 were also recognised as contributing to inclusive assessment.

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Posted 28 February 2022