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Centre for Disability Studies — Workshop

Event Details
Medical Foundation Building Level 3, 92-94 Parramatta Road, Camperdown NSW
2 July 2019 9:30 am

Six Steps to Universal Learning Design

Designing learning and communication materials and experiences so that they are accessible for students and clients with diverse access needs. Both face to face and online delivery models will be addressed. In this workshop, participants will be considering the communication and participation needs of students with physical, sensory, psychological and cognitive disabilities.

What you will learn

Focus will be given to:

  • inherent requirements for courses and how these need to be articulated in curriculum and learning materials
  • practical methods for initiating a cycle of regular evaluation and review focused on accessibility and inclusiveness
  • an introduction to assistive technologies and simple steps to take to ensure that your communications and learning materials are accessible for people reliant on these technologies
  • importance of flexibility in our approach to teaching and supporting people with a disability
  • use of plain and easy English.

Intended Audience

This course is valuable to people working in either a teaching or support role at universities, schools, TAFEs, RTOs or community groups who are keen to ensure their communications and courses are inclusive for people with a disability.

About the Facilitator

Sharon Kerr has had over 30 years experience working with students with a wide range of disabilities and is widely recognised as having expertise in maximising student engagement for students with intellectual, sensory, learning, psychological and physical disabilities. Sharon’s eclectic career has included teaching and senior management roles in the university sector, consultancy for the TAFE/training sector and classroom teaching K-12 in the school sector.

More information and registrations on the Centre for Disabilities website.

Posted 24 June 2019