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ADCET Webinar: Leveraging students’ voices to strengthen student support

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Online Webinar
7 July 2022

Research in Australia is highlighting the need for a more student-centred approach in the provision of university support. This ADCET webinar draws upon a study of university students’ voices to explore what makes for effective student support and the ways in which it can be enhanced and improved. The findings reveal that effective support goes beyond the tangible; it is not simply accommodating students’ academic needs, but the feeling of personalised support and care students receive, and enabling student agency and empowerment. Support can be perceived as ineffective by students when these positive aspects are lacking or absent. However, the support can often be improved, even with minimal resourcing.

Students with additional needs and/or disabilities may encounter a number of challenges in the structures, timeframes, and processes of the higher education environment. This makes it essential that universities can effectively accommodate students’ diverse strengths and needs, and support them to reach their learning and personal potential.

Note: In this webinar, students with additional needs and/or disabilities are considered students whose needs may make them eligible for academic accommodation or accessibility support. This includes not only students who identify as having a disability, but also students with learning difficulties, chronic illness, illness, or difficult personal circumstances which may require support from the university’s student support services. Language around disability is an evolving space and whilst person-first language is used in this webinar, the presenter recognises and supports individual’s personal preferences, including identity-first language. The presenter also recognises that not all students who are typically conflated under the term ‘disability’ will identify as having a disability. The presenter welcomes conversation in this space as we work to increase inclusion across all aspects of our society.

Audience: This webinar may be of interest to disability practitioners and student support service providers in higher education. It may also be of interest to educators and other higher education staff

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Posted 13 June 2022