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ADCET Webinar: 40th AHEAD Annual Conference Summary

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Online webinar
27 September 2017 9:14 am

The Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training (ADCET) and the Australian Tertiary Education Network on Disability (ATEND) will be facilitating a webinar by Cathy Easte, discussing the 40th AHEAD Annual Conference held in July 2017 in Orlando, Florida.

Some the main topics for Cathy while in Florida were the positioning of disabilities services in the USA, and the number of universities and colleges making adjustments in this area; the reduction in note-taking supports while the increase in technology makes headway; assistive technology assessment tools available online; research on captioning services for the benefit of all students and much more.

About the presenter:

Cathy Easte has been a Disabilities Service Officer at Griffith University since 2010, supporting online students with disabilities. She has also worked for a number of Queensland TAFE colleges, private training organisations and disability services for well over 20 years. Cathy has been on committees for HEDN(Q), TEDCA, ATEND, she is actively involved in the Queensland QDLO network and is currently a member of the ADCET Advisory Committee. She has extensive experience in support for students who study online/distance or externally (both at TAFE and university levels). Cathy has personal interests in assistive technologies, e-learning and how these can enrich the experiences of students with disabilities, and at times thrives on the creative challenges such technology will create. Training is Cathy’s other passion, wanting to increase the knowledge of academic staff, trainers and teachers to be able to meet the needs of their students without interaction from ‘others’.
This webinar is free, it will be live captioned and recorded.

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Posted 18 September 2017