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2021 National Students as Partners Roundtable

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Online Event
23 November 2021 - 25 November 2021

The 2021 National Students as Partners Roundtable is being hosted by the 21C Student Curriculum Partners at Western Sydney University, NSW Australia.

What is the SAP Roundtable?

Shepherded by A/Prof Kelly Matthews at The University of Queensland, the National Students as Partners Roundtable is an annual event that brings members of the Students as Partners Network together to:

  • SHARE Students as Partners practices, ideas and experiences;

  • DISCOVER new ways of considering Students as Partners in higher education;

  • NETWORK with a diversity of Students as Partners practitioners; and

  • HARNESS the creativity of staff and students to address teaching and learning challenges.

Each day of the 2021 Roundtable is committed to exploring the question of paradox with a different focus, purpose, and energy. The global student-staff partnership community (and indeed, the Roundtable community) is diverse in all kinds of ways. Provoked by daily keynotes, they have an exciting program in the works.

For more information and how to register visit website

Posted 1 September 2021