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2020 Round Table Conference: Information Access — Innovation and Collaboration

Event Details
Bayview Eden, Melbourne, Victoria
2 May 2020 - 5 May 2020

Conference Theme

Information access is important to all persons with print disabilities. Information access has many dimensions, including facilities (libraries, agencies, educational institutions, government bodies), modes of access (digital, interactive, electronic, online, mobile, wearable), and format (audio, braille, 3D, large print, eBook, etc.). The 2020 Conference will explore the ever-expanding opportunities presented to people with print disabilities in a rapidly changing landscape: opportunities for information access and creation, for communication and learning.

This conference provides three full days of technical research, presentations and practical workshops on issues related to accessibility. There are also many opportunities for networking and socialising with key speakers, presenters and attendees.

Conference Aims

  • To share information about the latest developments in provision of accessible information
  • To provide information for people with a print disability
  • To enhance dialogue between users and providers of accessible information
  • To promote and enhance collaborative partnerships and peer support networks
  • To showcase and workshop examples of best practice in the provision of accessible information and technology for children and adults with a print disability
  • To explore person-centred policies, supports and services provided for children and adults with a print disability in work places, schools and educational institutions, and local communities

The Australian Braille Authority (ABA) Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday and the Round Table AGM on Sunday.

For more information on registration and program details visit the 2020 Round Table Conference website.

Posted 21 February 2020