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2018 HERDSA Pre-Conference Workshop: Unleashing the Potential to Link Evaluation and Accountability

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University of South Australia, City West Campus
2 July 2018

Unleashing the Potential to Link Evaluation and Accountability: An Indigenous Higher Education Case Study

Associate Professor James Smith and Mr Matt Brett


This workshop aims to engage participants in critical reflection and dialogue about evaluation and accountability in the context of Indigenous higher education at both institutional and national levels. By examining the interplay between evaluation and accountability using recently developed conceptual models and frameworks, participants will be encouraged to identify the opportunities and challenges they face in relation to strengthening Indigenous higher education policy, practice and research outcomes through their work. The workshop is informed by research undertaken through two National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education 2017 Equity Fellowships.

The workshop will be of benefit those with an interest in:

  • Indigenous higher education
  • evaluation and quality improvement
  • equity and higher education
  • accountability in higher education.

Intended Outcomes

The workshops will draw on a Conceptual Model of Performance Parameters to Strengthen Evaluation in Indigenous Higher Education in Australia developed by Associate Professor James Smith, and an Equity Performance and Accountability Framework developed by Matthew Brett. By introducing participants to these frameworks, there will be an opportunity to:

  • build an understanding of contemporary evaluation in higher education
  • build an understanding of evaluation and accountability as it relates to Indigenous higher education
  • better understand the linkages between program and policy evaluation, institutional accountability, and demonstrating value to communities
  • identify the opportunities and challenges associated with evaluation in Indigenous higher education at institutional and national levels.

More information about the 2018 HERDSA Conference is available here.

Posted 25 June 2017