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Centre for Lifelong Learning

A new research centre, the Centre for Lifelong Learning, has opened at the University of Wolverhampton to support the institution’s commitment to opportunity. Headed by Dr Mary Mahoney, an Australian with a passionate interest in reducing inequalities and inequities through access to education, the centre works with individuals, industry partners, and various community groups to offer courses for part-time, distance and work-based learning.

The University of Wolverhampton, also known as the ‘University of Opportunity,’ has a cradle-to-grave model for promoting social mobility and improving life chances within the communities it serves. The Centre for Lifelong Learning will play a pivotal role in the ‘opportunity agenda’ by coordinating the development of distributed learning centres in key outreach locations such as communities, employer bases, and schools. The centre will also work to develop a range of innovative and flexible programmes designed to the meet the needs of learners across the lifespan and support the development of new part-time and access study programmes for non-traditional learners including the creation of ‘bite-size’ learning opportunities.

Speaking to the NCSEHE, Dr Mahoney said that she has the dream job.

“In these times of cutbacks in higher education, it is a delight to work at a university that understands its role in promoting educational opportunities for all by focusing on the links between education and social justice and economic prosperity. Working in partnerships with faculties, employers, communities and families and other education partners it is possible for us to create sustainable change.”

The University of Wolverhampton is working to raise aspirations and attainment levels within and across its region, raising the quality of schools and increasing levels of progression to higher education and graduate employment for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Posted 5 August 2014 Posted in Culturally and linguistically diverse, General